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The STV Cities Pancake Challenge

Location: TriBeCa Bar & Grill, Fenwick Road, Giffnock

Whether it’s a sprinkling of sugar, drizzled in maple syrup or covered in chocolate sauce, Pancake Day provides the perfect excuse to over-indulge.

And for us at STV, it’s no different.

To celebrate Pancake Day, we ventured out of the office and along to local pancake hotspots to create our own unique sweet treats.

Following in the footsteps of its sister West End cafe, TriBeCa Glasgow South opened its doors to the public on Monday, March 3.

We were fortunate enough to get a sneak peak of the gleaming not-yet-used griddle where head chef Jason Leitch took the reins on our pancake making expedition.

TriBeCa takes its signature pancake dish from the American diner – a hearty stack drizzled in maple syrup and crispy bacon. However Jason has something special in store for us.

He’s something of an expert in the field – his last job as a chef involved making precisely 225 pancakes per night. Whisking up buttermilk, eggs and flour Jason casually tosses oil around three pans while kitchen porters and sous chefs rush around making last minute preparations for the grand opening that night.

I shrink in the corner trying to avoid the heat from a mammoth urn of home-made beef stock – another of Jason’s concoctions bubbling away.

Within ten minutes, Jason has sliced some orange segments, whipped a tower of fresh cream and drizzled caramel and raspberry coulis over three of the cutest pancakes you’ve ever seen – heart-shaped because TriBeCa just loves Glasgow.

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