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Location: TriBeCa Café Bar, Dumbarton Road, Glasgow

It would be euphemistic to describe the Partick-based, New York-themed eatery TriBeCa as cosy. Jammed to the rafters, dancing around the waitresses, almost able to drool on the plate of the unsuspecting pancake eaters beside you, would be more accurate.

Late on a Thursday morning it is busy with young families, students and middle-aged couples, with a hustle and bustle atmosphere that New York, the city depicted on its huge wall mural, would be proud of.

One theory on why the café is so popular is the sheer size of the portions. You practically need a Sherpa to defeat the veritable Everest that is The Brooklyn — one of TriBeCa’s all-day breakfast options that consists of a stack of thick buttermilk pancakes, a pot of Canadian maple syrup and the chance to add bacon, Nutella, chopped banana or fresh berries.

The Varick, three great hunks of French toast with maple syrup and the same optional extras as The Brooklyn, is similarly stomach-stretching. The bread is soft and isn’t burnt and, instead of being too overboard on the egg, it is subtly flavoured with vanilla and brown sugar. Although some might balk at the idea of combining bacon with maple syrup, the salty and sweet flavours balance out each other beautifully, making it a smart addition to both The Varick and The Brooklyn.

TriBeCa’s drinks selection is impressive: ranging from the monstrous snow blizzard milkshakes resplendent in whipped cream and Oreo cookies to fruity smoothies and juices. If suffering the after-effects of a night on the town, their freshly squeezed orange juice — sweet, iced, with a delicious pulpy after-taste — is likely to help restore you back to health. However at £3.50 a pop, you can’t help but think you could purchase a healthy stake in your own orange grove for that.

When it comes to drinks, there is also room for improvement on the service side of things. On this occasion there were long delays between arriving and having our orders taken, and between ordering and receiving our drinks. It was particularly heart-rending to see my Irn-Bru (or when hung-over, the Orange Elixir of Life) sitting on the counter for 10 difficult minutes before it was brought over.

All in all, if you’ve got the stomach for it, TriBeCa can give you a good American fattening-up. And if you don’t, they do doggy bags.


Source – The Journal

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