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Tasty, With Big Portions

Location: TriBeCa Café Bar, Dumbarton Road, Glasgow

Visited on Sun 5th May after seeing a recommendation for it’s brunches, we arrived shortly after 11am and it was already very busy with about 4 tables waiting ahead of us.

First of all, worth pointing out that this is a very small cafe with about 7 or 8 tables for 2 and a couple of larger tables which could probably seat 6 comfortably. As the cafe appears to be very popular, the restaurants uses a small outside seating area (covered) as a waiting area where they are happy to bring you hot drinks. We waited approximately 15 minutes which I thought was fairly reasonable given how busy they were. I think it’s fair to say, expect to have to wait if you are visiting, due to the size of the place.

The waiting staff were friendly and fairly attentive with a good amount of staff on for how busy they were. The menu isn’t huge but there is a decent mix of options on it, both myself and my partner were looking for brunch so settled on the french toast and pancake stack (with bacon and maple syrup). The portions were large, and the food was tasty and well cooked. We were both pretty hungry and my partner ended up taking one of the pancakes away as it was too much for her to finish, I demolished the french toast but was then full for the rest of the day so no complaints there! Food was served fairly quickly, we probably only waited about 15-20mins after ordering which is very reasonable given how busy it was.

We saw some other tables having the Manhattan large breakfast (which looked huge!) and the Omelettes which were also fairly massive and both looked pretty good so will hopefully try them on a future visit.

I would say the prices are fairly steep, I would normally expect to pay about £20 for two lunch/breakfast meals with a hot drink but our bill came to just over £30 which was for pancakes, french toast, coffee, tea and a glass of orange juice. There was a supplement of £1.80~ for getting bacon with the french toast/pancakes and I was a bit disappointed when this only got me 2 rashers of bacon and the prices are likely to put us off attending on a more regular basis although I think we will be back at some point to try out some of the other menu options.

One final observation, there was a table of 5 waiting when we arrived and they eventually had to leave as they had run out of time before getting a table. Whilst this wasn’t the restaurants fault, I did feel a bit sorry for them as there was a large table sat next to us who had obviously been finished for a while but hadn’t moved on. It’s fairly good that the staff weren’t pestering them to leave to get the table back as it’s annoying when that happens but it’s worth bearing in mind there are only two tables for larger groups (3-6 people) so you may have a lengthy wait if you’re visiting with a few people.

Overall a fairly positive visit, we both enjoyed the food very much, the atmosphere is good, we didn’t have to wait too long but on the flip side prices are fairly high (in my opinion).


Reviewed 6 May 2013

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