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Spread The News – This New York-style Diner’s A Bit Tasty

Location: TriBeCa Café Bar, Dumbarton Road, Glasgow

They say international travel is getting easier, but it is still not often you can be in a New York diner within minutes of leaving your west end pad.

But when I stepped into TriBeCa for a spot of lunch on a wet Glasgow morning, I felt like I had taken a trip to the Big Apple.

Now the closest I have come to New York is on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls, but inside was exactly how I imagine the city – chich interiors, friendly staff and simply enormous portions.

A leisurely brunch with a good friend is without a doubt my favourite way to begin a weekend.

So when a much-loved friend announced she was coming up from London, I jumped at the chance to catch up with her over a lazy breakfast.

Katherine is not only a vegetarian, but also allergic to wheat, which ruled out many of the traditional Glasgow breakfast choices.

But TriBeCa hardly seems Glasgow proper, with an array of American chooices on the menu. I plumped for a classic Eggs Royal (£7.90) which arrived in what I fondly imagine as the American style, that is to say, massive.

They came with a generous coating of thick, creamy Hollandaise sauce and the eggs were poached to perfection.

TriBeCa’s chef was more than happy to substitute the toast that came with Katherine’s smoked salmon and scrambled eggs (The WIlliamsburg on the menu, £8.50) for a bucket of chips.

The staff were really friendly and helpful, without being overbearing. And although the restaurant was packed, our food arrived quickly and with a smile.

Her food looked as good as it tasted and a nabbed forkful confirmed the eggs were creamy and delicious and the salmon nicely piquant.

As the waitress took our plates away, Katherine remarked on how in London, she would be lucky to get a miserly slice of smoked salmon for the same price.

We lingered over seemingly bottomless coffees (£2.10 for a supposedly small one) with a slight sense of guilt, as a queue was by now steadily growing outside the door.

I suppose that like the Empire State building, this is one slice of New York that people don’t mind standing in line for.

Source – Glasgow NOW

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