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New York Brunch

Location: TriBeCa Café Bar, Dumbarton Road, Glasgow

It’s a rainy Saturday morning(ish) in Glasgow, your boyfriend is off for his first weekend in 6 weeks so you need to do something worthwhile, You’re recovering from tonsillitis and are about to start a tour of salvage shops to look for house things…you know this always results in ‘healthy’ debate. So what’s a way to start the day successfully? For me it was a New York style brunch at TriBeCa – and judging by the crowds of happy diners we joined there, it was a good way to start a lot of other rainy Saturday mornings too.

TriBeCa had long been on my radar – mostly down to good reviews and the unmissable USA taxi and American flag permanently on show outside the restaurant, yet I’d never actually ventured in. First impressions were good; cool decor and cheerful staff bring a touch of New York to Glasgow. The varied crowd is testament to the venues popularity, ranging from students editing videos on MacBooks to big groups of friends chatting and cozy tables for one or two with the papers.

With a busy but friendly atmosphere, we arrived expecting a queue but managed to snag a table straight away and settled down to delicious hazelnut latte’s while browsing the menu. If you’ve ever been to America, you’ll know what to expect of brunch; stacks of pancakes, eggs in uncountable variations, milkshakes, fresh OJ bacon drizzled with syrup and BIG portions. Seriously, we watched astounded from the sidelines as fellow patrons were served with plates that overlapped both edges of the tables they were sitting at. We knew some big decisions were to be made, and it would be a choice between food challenge or leaving some aside.

Scott choose food contest and ordered a burger (it was nearly 12PM after all) and I settled on the Williamsburg brunch option promising creamy scrambled eggs, toast and smoked salmon. Sounds quite sophisticated, no? Sophisticated was not a word you’d use to describe what I was served; grand, monumental, super-sized are all better suited. But totally delicious nonetheless. Super-size was the general theme across the board, so unless you’re really hungry I’d recommend splitting with a friend upon visiting (single slices of toast border on quarters of a loaf!) – although even if you’re like me and could manage around half a ‘portion’, I’d say the prices are very reasonable even when sans a friend to share with.

Since I don’t eat red meat I can’t report on Scott’s burger…but I will say that the following Friday he offered to take me back for lunch, thus was his enthusiasm for what he’d been served. Can you believe after all that we were tempted by more? That milkshake like thing you see there is the Oreo Cookies ‘n Cream Snow blizzard we shared – an audible talking point for us and everyone else who ordered one due to it’s sheer size and abundance of toppings. I’m going to try out a slightly healthier version at home with frozen bananas to stave off temptation for weekly visits.

It’s an absolute must-go for brunch in Glasgow, and it definitely lived up to my friend’s reviews. It did take a while for the food to arrive which the staff were apologetic about, but it’s not something I’d consider a problem over a leisurely brunch – we were just happy to people watch over our coffees while waiting. I hadn’t been before it was recently taken over by the new owners, so I can’t provide a comparison, but it promises ‘hearty’ American food and a great all-round experience and that’s what we got (especially the hearty part), so there are no complaints here. We’ll be back!

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