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Lady RaRa Review

Location: TriBeCa Café Bar, Dumbarton Road, Glasgow

Making little patterns in my behaviour is comforting to me, it’s like some kind of tick. It’s not like I think my family will die if I don’t leave and enter a room three times or scrub my hands with industrial soap 6,000 times, I’m not Howard Hughes. Sometimes it’s just nice that things happen at the same time, in the same way for no other reason other than they make you feel good.

One pattern I’m keen to establish is having brunch every Sunday at TriBeCa, a tiny New York style cafe on Dumbarton Road. They have a huge menu of amazing American dishes but I want to order the same,boring thing every week. They are so busy you have to leave your name with a hostess and queue outside in the freezing cold for 40 minutes while a table clears, but that just makes me like it more. If they made a TriBeCa brunch guest liSt, I wouldn’t want to be on it.

The problem in establishing a fledgling pattern is that, if it involves other people – which Sunday brunch after a play-hard weekend always should, they can be difficult to pin down and remain constant. Since I started to make the pattern, I have frequently announced that I was in the process of making it. I.e creating a thing that we always do. Like Cheers, without the alcoholism and with more women, pancakes and orange juice.

People have started saying ‘Do you know where does REALLY good brunch? [Insert Delizique/Left Bank/other west end eatery here]’ And I say yes, TriBeCa does. TriBeCa does good brunch. I’m not saying it does the best brunch, I’m not saying Delizique is rubbish. I’m not compiling the brunch chapter of the Glasgow Good Food guide. I’m just trying to gather a small group of people to eat at a hybrid mealtime on the Sabbath. They can cheat on TriBeCa with any other cafe mid-week if they like, they can talk rubbish about it behind its back if I’m not in earshot. On Sunday though, I want to be surrounded by happy people eating stacks of french toast and buckets of chips without complaint.

Which, last weekend and the weekend before that, I was. Gorgeous George ordered a breakfast at least four times her size, with head-sized wedges of bread.


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