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James Vs Build Your Own Burger

Location: TriBeCa Café Bar, Dumbarton Road, Glasgow

Whilst out and about in the west end of Glasgow, you’ll probably have seen a bright yellow New York City taxi parked on Dumbarton road. Don’t worry, you’ve not been transported halfway across the world – the car belongs to Tribeca, one of Glasgow’s most popular breakfast & lunch spots. We’ve been to Tribeca previously for a review; however, now that the cafe is under new ownership and since both it’s look and menu have undergone a major facelift, we felt that it was only right to pay another visit.

The first thing we spotted was Tribeca’s clean, new look. The cafe seems bigger and brighter than before, feels fresh and modern, yet still retains the cozy, hidden-away feel that originally made the cafe a hit.

The menu has also undergone some big changes. The usual pancake stacks, omelettes and other favourites such as Eggs Benedict remain, but there’s also a brand new evening menu featuring a ‘build your own burger’ option as well as a selection of sweet and savoury pancake offerings that differ to those found on the lunch menu.

Building your own burger is fairly simple. Choose your bun, your patty and up to 5 toppings for £9.95. Each burger is served with fries, or you can upgrade to sweet potato fries for an extra £1, which we did.

What we really loved about the menu was the wide range of options available. Both the fussiest and most adventurous of eaters shouldn’t have any problems putting together a burger creation to suit their tastes.

Our creation consisted of a chilli-infused steak patty topped with Monterey Jack cheese, bacon, red onion and mustard mayo on a toasted brioche. As mentioned, we also chose to upgrade to sweet potato fries for an extra £1. When the burger arrived, it actually came with regular fries, but it didn’t take the staff long to correct this.

Presentation-wise, this was a hit. Everything was housed in the bun almost perfectly and the fries were served on the side in a mini-bucket.

Taste-wise, I don’t think I was prepared for just how spicy my creation was going to be! Between the chilli-rubbed patty and the mustard mayo, my mouth was on fire after only a few bites! Thankfully, a friend who was joining us had ordered one of Tribeca’s massive snow blizzard shakes, which I ended up stealing quite a few times! The patty was nicely cooked, if a little overly-charred on the outside and the chilli rub gave off a very intense flavour and packed one heck of a punch!

The flavour of the meat had a nice depth and had been well seasoned too. The bacon was nice and crispy and was a nice contrast to the sweet red onion. If the heat from the patty wasn’t enough, the mustard mayo was enough to make my eyes water. While it tasted very good, it was also a little cold, as if it had just came from the fridge. This wasn’t a huge issue, but it did jar a little with the rest of the burger. The brioche was one of the better ones I’ve had recently and held everything together perfectly.

If you’ve ever been to Tribeca, even pre-refurb, you’ll know that one of their signatures is massive portions of food. Well, not much has changed under new management and I certainly struggled to finish off the huge portion of sweet potato fries that came with my burger. Not that I was complaining, mind you – it’s impossible to have too many sweet potato fries after all! While many will love the massive portions, it’s definitely going to be a turn off for others. Two of the other people that joined us at Tribeca ordered pancakes and couldn’t believe their eyes when the plates were brought to the table. Even after eating for what seemed like an eternity, their plates looked like they’d barely been touched and they struggled to even finish half of their food. It’s definitely not somewhere to go, if you’ve already eaten, or are planning to eat later that day.

We’d definitely recommend Tribeca as a must-visit in Glasgow’s west end. The new look, all new menu & overall quality certainly impressed us and we loved the idea of creating your own burger from scratch. At £9.95 with fries and up to 5 toppings, it’s a pretty good deal too. Building your own burger allows you to make it as big or small as you’d like, but we do feel that the large, in-your-face portion sizes found in many of the other dishes will certainly divide opinion.

Just make sure you get the sweet potato fries.

Price: £9.95

+ Building your own burger from scratch, including bun & type of patty is great.
+ Presentation and portion size definitely provides a ‘wow’ factor.
+ Amazing sweet potato fries.
– Portion sizes may be a bit too much for some.

Source – James Vs Burger

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