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Getting Crafty at West!

Craft beer seems to be popping up more and more across the UK in the past year, however, did you know that micro-brewing has been prevalent in the UK since the 1970’s?

The Brewers Association defines craft brewers as being ‘small, independent and traditional’ and the people of Glasgow have really got behind these grassroots beer companies – and so has TriBeCa!

Over at our TriBeCa West location, our general manager Graeme has been trialling an exciting new range of American craft beers.  We caught up with Graeme to find out why he decided to bring the craft beer revolution to TriBeCa…

So, what was it that inspired you to bring craft beers on board at West? 

TriBeCa is a brand aimed at the younger market, and our selection of beers was not very inspiring.  I want people to come in and experience something different every time. America does some of the best craft beer out there and we have the perfect environment to showcase that. 

What’s your favourite beer at the moment? 

My favourite beer at the moment is the Brooklyn Summer Ale as it is a perfect session ale, and a close second is Magic Rock Highwire Grapefruit as it’s like getting drunk on lilt! 

High Wire Grapefruit Pale Ale

High Wire Grapefruit Pale Ale

What’s your favourite food/beer pairing? 

At the moment, one of our best beer & food matches is the Wild Beer Co Smoke N Barrels and the Steak Fajitas. The beer is smoked over rosemary and cherry wood, and matches perfectly with the sizzling steak and Cajun spices. 


Graeme will be trialling our craft selection over the next coming months, and will be changing up the selection regularly.  Come down and let us know your thoughts, suggestions and what you would like to see from TriBeCa’s craft beer selection!

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