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Fussy Eater Review

Location: TriBeCa Café Bar, Dumbarton Road, Glasgow

We stumbled upon this litte place in Glasgow’s West End a couple of years ago. A small American style cafe that has the unmissable yellow cab parked out front. For those who don’t know, TriBeCa is a place in New York City (if I’m not wrong its in lower manhattan).

Deco: I really liked the look of this cafe. It’s quaint and loud at the same time. I loved the paintings and pictures and not to mention the taxi parked out front. It just screams New York!

Menu: The menu was interesting. Carrying on with the New York theme, they named various items on the menu after famous districts in New York e.g The Brooklyn, The Bronx, The Hudson. Its so cute, I could just die! I love their commitment to the theme. However, just because you call something after a place in New York doesn’t automatically make it American. Which then got me thinking… What is ‘American’ anyway? The Manhattan is meant to be a full american breakfast comprising of eggs, bacon, sausages, tomato, mushroom, hasbrown and toast……kinda sounds like a full english or scottish(replace hashbrown with a tattie scone) breakfast to me.

Food: If I was rich I would order and try everything on the menu. Due to this one minor setback, we had to make do with ordering 1 dish or our liking each.

M had the eggs benedict with smoked salmon which he devoured. The eggs were perfectly poached and the hollandise was a beautiful vicous pale yellow sauce that was buttery and slightly sharp.

I had the pancake stack that supposedly came with melted butter and syrup. There was no butter in sight. That would be gripe number1. Secondly, the syrup that came in the wee jar was not even barely enough for 3 gaint pancakes and I had to pay an additional £1.50 for more syrup! The pancakes itself were alright. I wouldn’t say they were the best pancakes I’d had. They were a little on the dry side and needed every drop of syrup that came their way.

Price: Both our dishes were £7.50 each. I had to pay an additional £1.50 for my extra syrup which I don’t think is right. Seeing as how the pancakes were quite large, on the dry side and how they didn’t come with the melted butter that they were supposed to have, they really should be giving their patrons at least 1/4 more syrup than they do. Incidentially, I used every bit of syrup and normally I always have syrup left over. They do however, get points for using real maple syrup.

So, we come to the crux of the matter, would I recommend this place. I think…. its worth a try. Try it at least once and who knows, you might actually like it better than me!

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