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Location: TriBeCa Bar & Grill, 1 Fenwick Road, Giffnock

The long awaited opening of TriBeCa South (sister of TriBeCa on Dumbarton Road and soon sibling of TriBeCa in the Merchant City) happened on Pancake Day.

We waited until the weekend to venture along the road to find out more.

After about a 40 min wait at the door (we were desperate saddos!) we got a table with the lovely @Glasgowly and her teen for some brunch.

Starting with a white coffee for Mr Foodie, @Glasgow and myself (@glasgowfoodie) went straight for the sugar (we have figures to maintain after all 😉 )

Mr Foodie says the coffee was lovely, not too strong or bitter, with perfect foam and a nutty smell and sweet pleasant taste and it passed the cappuccino spoon test.

WOW, after much tastings by the table, we all agreed that the Oreo Cookies and Cream won this round. Delicious, tasting just like liquid cookies. The bounty one was good, but the strong cookie taste was the winner.

Whilst sooking our way to sugar heaven, we chose our food.

Mr Foodie went for the MeatPacker Omelette at ÂŁ8.50 with German Salami, Honey Roast Ham, Spanish Chorizo, Black Forest Ham and Cheese in this FIVE egg omelette. You also get a choice of white or brown toast.

A big meaty omelette with 2 thick slices of bread – it was a bit of a challenge to finish it all!

I went for The Brooklyn (ÂŁ7.50) three buttermilk pancakes with butter and 100% Canadian Maple syrup. I added the sides of Mango and Banana for an extra ÂŁ1.90.

WOW again, fluffy pancakes in a Scottish Style with tasty bacon and maplely maple syrup. Went well with the banana and mango.

@Glasgowly and the teen both went for The Brooklyn with added bacon, clear plates all round.

By this point Mr Foodie felt left out without having a sugar coma, so he ordered a banoffee pie snow blizzard. This wasn’t as good as the other two and by this point his eyes were bigger than his belly and we had to get it to takeaway, if filled two of your takeaway smoothie cups. YAY.

Overall, the food was lovely and filling but a little slow in coming out. The decor was funky, loved the heart on the ceiling. Friendly staff who were doing their best considering the onslaught of people.

Minus points for the ladders from storage being down throughout out visit causing myself and @Glasgowly some paint and struggle to get into the toilets. Deliveries were also occurring which meant people passing from the rear and front leaving doors open and carrying heavy items (which were also stored at the disabled toilet door!). Having people hang about the door was also off putting, being watched and wished to eat quicker. However, these points have been raised and should sort out as the premises settles down.

An excellent treat at the weekend (as it’s not the cheapest) and you may want to take a duvet for a lie down afterwards!

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