established 2003

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About us


The first “little slice of the big apple” was originally carved out in 2003 when a chef, who had spent some time living & working in America, returned to Glasgow and spotted a niche in the market for hearty American food.

Instantly recognisable by the queue of hungry customers spilling out onto the pavement, and the distinctive NYPD Cruiser and Yellow NYC Cab parked outside, TriBeCa is something of a landmark on Glasgow’s Dumbarton Road.

Over the years, TriBeCa’s reputation grew and grew, until eventually this little cafe was queued out all weekend.

You could almost say TriBeCa was a victim of its own success, with reviewers lamenting a lengthy wait time in the unforgiving Glasgow climes.

And, yes, we dot our ‘I’ with a love heart. Why? Because we embrace the spirit of our transatlantic muse, putting love at the core of all that we do. You’ll get a very warm welcome at TriBeCa. The person waiting on you will genuinely care about giving you a second-to-none dining experience. A passionate chef will cajole fresh, locally sourced ingredients into a tasty feast. And, when we wish you a good day as you leave, we genuinely mean it, and we hope to see you again soon.


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Amanda James, Managing Director