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A Little Taste of New York

Location: TriBeCa Café Bar, 102 Dumbarton Road

It’s Sunday morning; the sun is streaming through the windows indicating signs that spring is on its way and there is nothing better than jumping in the car, going for a drive and heading out for breakfast. Sunday is an infamous lazy day and cheat day (a non- healthy eating day) and with this in mind I head for a little American gem hidden in Glasgow known for its pancakes.

There isn’t anywhere in Glasgow I allow myself to go for pancakes apart from Tribeca located on Dunbarton Road near Glasgow. Parked appropriately outside the café is a NYPD police car and an infamous American yellow taxi. For a split second, customers will think they’re in New York especially with the bustle of customers waiting on the pavement for Tribeca’s signature pancakes.

Tribeca describes the brand as the “Original New York Kitchen” and I would truly agree with this. I’ve yet to find another eatery within Glasgow rivalling Tribeca catering for the same market. The American theme is continued inside. Although it is a small venue the atmosphere served within the café adds to the “New York bustle” theme bringing the cafe to life.

Tribeca named after one of New York’s districts, was opened up in Glasgow in 2003 creating to a niche market for those consumers who were looking to taste real American food without having to travel to the states for it. In 2013 the café went up for sale and was bought over by one of the café’s regular customers. Providing amazing tasty food along with core qualities the brand has grown and grown now hosting four Tribeca establishments scattered across the West of Scotland.

I was introduced to Tribeca by one of my oldest friends who suggested going out for breakfast one morning and I have never looked back. Although I’m an ice cream gal at heart (see previous blogs) I do love my pancakes and it’s nice to have a change and go out for breakfast from time to time. The bonus is that Tribeca serves breakfast all day, which suits perfect for those consumers (like Mr Sk and I) who aren’t early risers and miss out on the usual breakfast slots.

The menu on offer is to die for- very traditional and tasty American food. You might pay a £1 or more compared to other eating food establishments but it is certainly worth it. The amount of food served to customers in Tribeca is certainly worth the money being paid. I can guarantee you won’t be able to finish your meal, no matter what you have- the portion sizes are huge but very much worth the money.

Bearing in mind you may have to wait a small while to get a table but once you are seated you are attended to immediately. Once your food is ordered it is served within a fast time and freshly cooked. The orders are taken via Ipad with the staff being extremely helpful and friendly. The menu offers typical American themed options from fluffy pancakes, French toast, omelettes, burgers and bagels, not forgetting their well-known milkshakes. The items served are in true American style. The pancakes and French toast options are served in their multiples on a plate whilst being massive in size. The pancakes are extremely fluffy with the French toast being really thick. From the appearance of the food on offer you can tell it is true traditional American recipes and ingredients being used to create the meals.

Tribeca won me over from my first visit. Even with a small wait to get a table I immediately became an admirer of the brand. There is everything you can think of being offered on the menu and these items don’t arrive plain- there is an additional menu at the side for toppings and side items to be added. At the moment I’m a major fan of the fluffy Brooklyn pancakes served with Reeses peanut butter and caramelised banana- just yum, and it makes the perfect breakfast served with a flat white or a cup of tea.

This place is definitely worth a visit, especially for those New York lovers.

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  • Shona

    I recently visited the Edinburgh location and I felt the need to get in touch to say what a great experience it was. The customer service was spot on and the food was lovely. I will definately be back, it was an all round great experience start to finish.

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